New Boiler Cost: What can you Expect?

Your boiler is among the most vital devices in your house. Whether it's to offer hot water in the summer season or for both hot water and heating in the winter season, you can't do without it for long. So when you need to change [...]


Are you eligible for boiler grants?

A replacement boiler is a superb investment for any home as it’ll instantly reduce your energy bills and ensure you won’t need to worry about a breakdown anytime soon. Boiler technology has advanced so much in recent years and there’s fantastic innovative technology to take [...]


How to choose a boiler installer

Replacing your boiler is always a wise move, whether it’s due to you being fed up with it constantly breaking down, or simply wanting to become energy efficient. With the right boiler you can save over £300 a year, whilst ensuring your home is eco-friendly. [...]


The cost of a new boiler

Boiler technology is always advancing and nowadays you can get smaller and sleeker systems that are also quieter, whilst reducing bills and cutting carbon emissions. That’s a lot to take in. With all these benefits it’s doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out why [...]


Government free ECO Boiler Scheme

Energy prices are continuing to rise in the UK, pushing up people’s expenses and tipping many into fuel poverty. As such many properties are left cold in the winter, or homeowners are left paying a fortune to keep warm. This doesn’t have to be the [...]